Big Eaters

Mes bonnes chiennes

Excuse My French!

An extra credit assignment for my French class at our local community college.

Yes, these are the same doggies you can see me wrangling early on a Sunday morning back in May, here and over at and posted on the New York Times "A Moment in Time" reader project back then.

rita (Dec '10)

Home Alone With Chicken Bratwurst

It's already in the pan, but, really, what the hell is "Chicken Bratwurst"? I can fish the package out of the garbage, but it sort of begs the question.......

rri (May '10)

Sunday Morning Dog Wrangling in Ocean Beach, CA

Go vote for Margarita, Ela and "The Critter" at the New York Time's Lens project "A Moment in Time"! Rotate the planet to look around. We're in the California "stack," closest to the top in the "Community" sort. It's...

rri (May '10)


No, that title wasn't a typo. This old dog is a ravenous Beeteater as well as a Beefeater. Bloody grizzly sight either way. He'd probably also drink the London Dry Gin if you offered it to him in an appropriately doggie cocktail.

rri (Aug '04)