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Words to Live By: Child Before Google's Hurtful Words

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Words to Live By: Child After Google's Hurtful Words

Sometimes Google can be so hurtful.

rri (Jul '13) | Comments (0)

Neil Young's Articles of Impeachment

Article I Let's impeach the president for lyin' Misleading our country into WAR Abusing all the power that we gave him And shipping all our money out the door Who's the man who hired all the criminals The white house...

rri (May '06)

Accountability Moment

Most of us are accountable all our lives. Our president has only "accountability moments." I imagine that's been true all his life, not just within the cycles of elected office. And I imagine that's as good a summary as...

rri (Jan '05)

Skateboard Internment Camp

I'm old enough to have learned to bleed and bruise on clay wheel skateboards, back in the first mass market wave of 1960s sidewalk surfing, a decade before urethane "Cadiallac Wheels" meant skateboarders had to go looking for serious injury rather than it invariably finding them. But I never really caught onto the skateboarding fad: I was a "Vot" not a "Surfer"; wore "loafers" not "sneakers"; bopped to the Beatles, simply loathed the Beach Boys. These days, I see the point even less. There's nothing eXtreme, X-treme, Xtreme, X-Game, or X anything about skateboarding.

rri (Aug '04)

Online Privacy

1. The Physical Security Breach A physical security breach may allow someone to physically acquire your plaintext files or printed messages. A determined opponent might accomplish this through burglary, trash-picking, unreasonable search and seizure, or bribery, blackmail or infiltration...

rri (Aug '04)