August 24, 2004

Online Privacy

Online privacy threatened by physical security breach

1. The Physical Security Breach

A physical security breach may allow someone to physically acquire
your plaintext files or printed messages. A determined opponent
might accomplish this through burglary, trash-picking, unreasonable
search and seizure, or bribery, blackmail or infiltration of your

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security just because you have
a cryptographic tool. Cryptographic techniques protect data only
while it's encrypted-- direct physical security violations can still
compromise plaintext data or written or spoken information.

This kind of attack is cheaper than cryptanalytic attacks on PGP.

-- "Pretty Good Privacy: PGP(tm) User's Guide, Volume II: Special Topics" by Philip Zimmermann (Revised 11 October 94)

Just in case anyone or any entity is digitally evesdropping, consider the following meaningless verbal noise essential fodder for the filter:

In the future web wireless workplace, electronic employees will act airborne, equip physical security equipment, and fake foreign hidden home infrared integrators with remote requested rice satellites, product recorders, photo private pc phones, and condoleezza counters.

And Pretty Good Privacy is likely to be neither very pretty nor very good privacy.

Search security software solutions by Sony Spy Surveillance System will provide vehicle video, network operation technique traffic, and maritime microphone outdoor patrol. Also, under UK understood jammer law, mini miniature mirrors monitor covert device cctv cells to defeat online privacy protections.

Ip investigation of internet intelligence with color computers, digital dummy DVRs, and audio articles, only leads to camers casino with a online privacy violation bug by cam.

And what else is new?