May 7, 2005

Snail Mail From Some Gary?

David vs Goliath

In truth, I knew nothing of the existence of Gary the Snail until I stumbled across "gary snail" in various snail lists I'd been scanning. (To be posted here sooner or later!)

Why snails? The dog, Co-, of course. The dog vs snail epic encounter in these photos, taken by Margarita the other day after a serious spring downpour here in Ocean Beach, California.

"The Battle for Bikini Bottom"?

Really, folks, with titles like that, at least let's grant The Christian Right that it discerns its "cultural enemy" clearly enough.

No reason to pretend they're stupid.

Godzilla vs The Smog Monster

Is there a point to this? Some part that's edible?

No, just blowing out bandwidth posting cute dog pictures. Let's do it at least as honestly as Sponge Bob, Gary the Snail and Company, wherever it be and whatever they've to do with any such "Bikini Bottom."

Click to Search the Web for "Bikini Bottom"

Battle of the Titans

Another chance to Click to Search the Web for "Bikini Bottom"

I promise. It will be scary!