June 2, 2004

I hate this street

I hate this street, University.
There's always lots of whores walking here.

The few, the proud, the Marines.
The poor, the oppressed, the Marines.
Sempre Fie, I'm getting high.
That is, if you live through bootcamp.

Bootcamp is the best thing that happens to those marines,
'Cause all that bullshit begins afterwards.
Yeah, people get killed in bootcamp.
I know, but that's the thing.
I know, but that's the point.
A hundred guys jump on a guy.
That's the one great experience they have.
The rest of it is clerking and,
you know,
being stock boys and janitors.
Be prepared.
The thing about bootcamp
is that it really bends a lot of people's heads.
It what?
Really comes down on people's heads.
No kidding, it really fucks some people up in a way.
But it all makes them Proud.
Then Dead.

I knew this kid in school that went to Annapolis.

Bootcamp's a bitch, man.
They won't let you take a piss.
They won't let you shit, even.
Be a man! Hold it in!
No, you just do everything....
You have fifteen minutes a day to yourself
and all the rest of your time is sort of controlled
or organized or whatever.
You have fifteen minutes a day to write letters
and you can't take a shit or a piss
unless they tell you,
Ok, go take a shit or a piss.

I think it was when I was a freshman,
one of the guys I knew that went to Annapolis...
we were all partying...
We ran into this guy from bootcamp,
this marine just out of bootcamp.
He started griping because he had to salute this guy
who was younger than him.
He wanted to apologize or something.

Do we all have to go in?
Let us empty.
Is everybody going in?
I suppose.
Go ahead and shut it, T.
I'll get out the other side.