July 2, 2004

Midnight: Point Reyes

Rock and roll.
And we're off....
Now S.'s not talking about light on rafters any more.
Light on rafters, didn't you see it?
Wow, listen to that.
This is a good time to have it on, 'cause as we walk closer it'll....
I can't see a thing; shine a light.

No doubt about it, I got to get another hat.
Garbage cans.

What's out there?
I can't see.
His car's going to be full of sand, too.
We're walking toward the water, but I don't know where it is!
Or how to get back.
There's no moon, no stars, to see.
There is the light of the restroom.
Yeah, that's our guide.
Hey, S.'s got wet.
Say, what was that on your right, S.?
Shine it directly right, over here.
Chunks of pipe.
And it's wet.
Wow, hey, look at this, it drops off.
Manic depression is a....
I don't know if we can get back up, but....
Oh, yeah, it's easy.

You got the tape?
Keep it up, dry.
Hold it high.

Look at the flashlight, it's going to die on us.
Let's just try to get used to this.
Hey, let's just try to get....
It's dying.
Let's just try....
Turn it off, S.
Let's get used to the light.
Turn it off, turn it off.

Whoa...uh huh!
Can't get out!
I can't get out.
Help me!
You can get up; just use your hands.
Use your hands!
Look over there!
You could have been WET!
Oh, that could have been weird.

That is great.
Here it comes....
Stoned with age....

Come on, let's try walking along the beach.
Watch it, there's pipes in there someplace.
Where's the flashlight, S.
Ah, it's right here.
Wanna see something?
This is amazing.
Why don't we go up where the sand's a little drier and sit down.
There's a lot of like bogs and shit up there.

There's no reason to be scared, 'cause we know the light's there.
Yeah, we can get back.
There's no problem, 'cause we can always see that light.

This is weird.
Had a baby, she broke my heart.
Left me standing, tore me apart....
You know what that's like?
Don't cut me with that...the light saver.
Doesn't that remind you of...of Forks?
We were doing that in Forks.

That's what D. was, he was prophesying doom.
You know what's also good about living on the edge?

Sand just got wet.
Heavy like mud.
What? Yeah, it's muddy.
Well...it's wet there.
It's dry, you know, further....
There's logs....
Let's see how far up it goes here.
There's brush.
We can sit on the brush.
There are some weird formations here.
Anyway, what I was getting to, and all about that dog, is that....
Ah...I...I noticed that....

See this?

I feel like I'm walking over, ah, California, here.
The coastal hills....
Yeah, this is along the Big Sur region about forty miles inland.