May 2, 2004


is poetry for when logic isn't on duty?
but there are so ma y may the month is happy
happy may mayyy many ways in which logic
can be not working:

it can be out of order
it can be opposed to the results it will get
it can be tired
it can be too anxious
it can be jaded
it can be lazy
it can be too big for the problem
it can it can it can i i i it I [I don't know] not understand
there may be nowhere to go

out of order I will not proceed
broked down this tragic way
every time it is wrong
there's something wrong
I don't know why bosom blue in leotards
it's wrong draw me home tonight
I hurt
without it I know this doing what
I'm not myself you ought to do
I want to fix pretending that you want to do
but I'm
out of order.