June 2, 2004

Shadow of the Rainbow

7th Floor Norton Hall, UC Berkeley, 1975

I've never remembered anything.
The past merely lapses
Suddenly, broken off mid-sentence,
Waiting for the word,
The glance, the presence,
The suddenly supplied object
Of an aborted verb.

Dangling there like that,
What's there to forget,
Let alone to remember?

Berkeley, California.
And we were all drifting
Slowly, leisurely,
In roundeyed surveillance of the moon rising
Bright and full along the two a.m. fog off Point Reyes,
Where hours upon hours
The grey sand turns darkness
To a threshing retinal burn.

My friends,
They lie in limbo,
Caught precipitately,
Not a moment's reflection,
Suspended in the shadow of the rainbow.