June 2, 2004

The Lag

If you want to be creative,
You have to throw away all of your past ideas
Of, about, what's right and wrong--
Or most of them.

So if...like the lag....
You've got to throw away the lag.
And so you throw away the lag.
(Excessive words in there.)
(Yeah, but you understand it.)
You throw away the lag
And uh
Then you're on the edge
And the only way to get that sensation
Is to live on the edge
And that is being crazy
While hurting yourself
Living on the edge
Living dynamically
Which includes cutting off your ears
And things like that.

And that's how Picasso,
I mean, ah, Van Gogh, did it.
But the problem is
That he also had some inner turmoils
And stuff.
But the only way that you can truly be creative
Is to give up your ego and that,
I mean in acting,
So if you cut off your ear or
Give up your ego
You can become more creative.

And that's the way
You're supposed to live now
Because the lag
You miss the lag
If you live now
If you don't have to think
Of yourself in terms of a movie picture
You can think about yourself
What you're doing
Right then.

It works.
That's the end of it.
You don't have to really justify anything any more.
Yup, yup, yup....

That's it, huh?

You don't know what you're doing,
but you know why you're doing it.

I'm disappointed.

There's a lot more....