April 2, 2004

All-American Facts and Figures

"...the ruling organization was conceived in family terms." A people at war have become in the most literal sense obedient, respectful, trustful children again, full of that naive faith in the all-wisdom and all-power of the adult who takes care of them, and in whom they lose all their responsibility and anxieties. In this recrudescence of the child, there is great comfort, and a certain influx of power. On most people the strain of being an independent adult weighs heavily//...."

"goo goo gurgle gaga gaga dada gurgle gurgle goo."

"The accrued interest on the domestic debt of the Continental Congress amounted to 13 million dollars in 1789."

"The United States owed 2 million dollars to Dutch bankers and 8 million to the government of France."

"Hamilton proposed six different plans whereby creditors could subscribe to the new government loan."

"Hamilton was the bastard son of a Scottish West Indies planter and a French, and possibly Jewish, mother."

"Hamilton did all-nighters writing reports for Washington to read on the constitutionality of his fiscal plan."

"The turnover of government bonds was six percent annually."

"Hamilton quoted from Hume, Locke, and Hobbes to justify his policies to Congress. He disagreed, though, with Smith."

"Madison was an epileptic. Jefferson loved him, though."

"The Bank of the United States was capitalized at 10 million dollars."

"Death is a moment life is eternal
and the moment which has died lives forever
but the moment which has lived can only be dead."

"The Walpolean system was favored most strongly in the middle states. And, as time went on, in Connecticut."