February 2, 2004

Coda on the Downward Trail


Did you bring a book?
What did you bring?
Language, Truth and Logic!
Arg...What does Logic have to do with this?
This is illogical whatever it is.
No, it's extraordinarily logical.
It's the only consequence of our group.
It's the consequence of our group....
Does that make it logical?
It makes it...it makes it predictable.
That we're here.
I don't know about that....
It's predictable that we're here?
I thought I'd have a lot of resistance
when I first suggested the idea.
We have a car.
It can contain exactly five people.
So, we only have our group.
We have a car so we can go to a farther distance.
If B. and S. were....
How come T. didn't come?
He has to get his sleep.
Something about a paper he has to write Monday.
Last Monday.
He said he wanted to go.
People could've talked him into it.

Are we still on the air?

Turn it Off! C. It bugs me.
Yeah, we're still on the air.