February 2, 2004

Golden Gate

That's it?
Yup, yup, yup.
I'm disappointed.
He, he, hu, huh....
One, two, three, four; onetwothreefour!

As we approach scenic Golden Gate Bridge,
we see headlights and fog.
How come I keep getting the feeling
you're going to hit those things?
Cause I'm aiming at them.
Look at it disappear. All get low away....

The toll plaza is within sight.
Whoopie! Yellow dominoes, brother!
The clock above the toll plaza is not working.
We have no idea what time it is, folks.
No, no, no, that could be a legitimate time, five of eleven. That's approximately the time it must be now.
The Golden Gate Bridge Authority has put thin blue hands
on the clock above the toll plaza,
trying to confuse stoners going over the Golden Gate Bridge.
Oooooohhhhh, ya, ya, ya....

These yellow lights are weird.
Wooo, wooo, woo, whoo....
Night and Fog.
Why did they make them yellow?
Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo...because they're FOG LIGHTS!
They're GOLDEN!
Oh, I see, I see, I see.
Golden Gate, they have golden gate lights up there.

Should we take "Highway One" or "Highway North"?
Highway One looks more exciting.
The only thing about...yeah, heh, heh.
Highway One looks pretty crazy, though.
It would take us about two hours.
If we have a lot of fog, it's gonna take us a long time,
If you go, ah, Highway 101 there,
there's a ways but you've gotta take the cut off.
Might get lost.
Yeah, but I mean, ah, that would be faster.
Once we get lost! Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo.
AH, yes, la, la, la, la.

There's this guy in that other car,
looking out at these microphones.
Right over there!
We're impressive! Maybe we should become friends.
Why don't you shake your hand at him?
He doesn't like us. He thinks we're Mormons or something. He's fleeing!
I think I'd better get on his tail, don't want to let him get away.
Remind him there's redeeming social content.

This reminds me of, ah, New Year's Eve last year.
What? What happened New Year's Eve la....
Last year, we, um, ah....
Went to the Cow Palace.
Yes, and afterward we drove to Washington.
Washington, and it was foggier than this.
You drove to Washington afterwards?
At three-thirty in the morning we got in on acid, at least I was, we were all pretty smashed, and drove to Washington.
And it was foggy, much foggier than this.
We stopped once on the way.

What were you doing driving to Washington?
H. had come down.
H. was with us, and we were....
We decided we'd take H. home.
We wanted to see his parents' house.
We got there and there was an inch of snow in the ground.
It was snowing....
So S. went to sleep,
but H. and I went and did wheelies in his parking lot.
I was burned out. I was burned out on the trail.
What did you do? You came back afterwards?
We spent a couple days there.
Then you just came back?

How does that relate to your "new view on life," S.?
[Microphone out window]
My new theory on life.
I don't want your new theory on life.
That's good, you're lucky. You've heard it in part, but now I've got it all figured out. It has to do with cutting, Picasso cutting, Picasso cutting off his fingers instead of his ear, because, you see, if you cut off your ear...ok, this all makes sense.
Yeah. What? Yeah....
If you cut off your ear, you can keep on painting.
>This is going to be good.
Yeah, that's right, but you see, you, yeah....
In twenty words or less.

If you want to be creative, you have to throw away all of your past ideas of, about, what's right and wrong. Or most of them, so if, like the lag, you've got to throw away the lag.
And so you throw away the lag....
Excessive words in there....
Yeah, but you understand it. You throw away the lag, and, uh, then you're on the edge, and the only way to get that sensation is to live on the edge and that is being crazy while hurting yourself living on the edge, living dynamically, which includes cutting off your ears and things like that. And that's how Picasso, I mean, ah, Van Gogh did it. But the problem is that he also had some inner turmoils and stuff, but the only way that you can truly be creative is to give up your ego, and that, I mean in acting, so if you cut off your ear or give up your ego you can become more creative.
Woooo! Look at this fog!
It works, that's the end of it.
You keep going in and out of it. Like it's there and then it's not.
And that's the way you're supposed to live now because the lag, you miss the lag if you live now if you don't have to think of yourself in terms of a movie picture, you can think about yourself what you're doing right then. You don't have to really justify anything any more. Yup, yup, yup....
That's it, huh?
YUP! YUP! YUP! You don't know what you're doing, but you know why you're doing it.
I'm disappointed.
There's a lot more. There's a lot more.
We'll hear it. We'll hear it!
But you can't hear it yet.
And I don't want to hear it now.
Yeah, so turn me off.
Do you have a key word, that'll explain everything?
Turn him off. Turn him off!