March 2, 2004

Once upon a beach....

A seal.
There it is. You see it?
There's some.
The other one's coming.

Look at him!
Ha! Ha!
Did you see what I just did?
Don't get wet!
I navigated the whole way.
I went around that rock,
Rolling all the time,
Where I just got to see a little bit of what I was doing.

There's a seal that's following us.
A seal?
Look like a sick one?
No, there's a sick one up on the beach over there.
See the lump?
Right over there?
That's it.
Is it alive?
No, I don't think so.
There's a whole bunch of them out there.
Wooo! There are at least three.
I see two.
I saw three.

That was amazing.
I don't know how I did it.
I could even count the rolls.
See, there's one.
There were 149 rolls.

What a pattern!
What kind of a machine did they run through here?
I don't know.
It was me rolling down the beach.
Oh No.
How many rolls?
A number between one and twenty.
Where are you going?
Ha! Haha!
Looks like an apple!
Look at this!
Get up to look at it.
Look what you just drew, D.
Look at that!
It's a tomato.
Pull me up so I don't mess it up.
Oh no, this is a tail.
It's amazing!
You ought to sign your work.
Hey, you've created a new art form, D.

Did you believe I was counting rolls?

That's the seal over there.
There are seals that are following us.
Watching us?