April 2, 2004

Sundaze at Baskin Robbins

As you lie in the sun
Toasting your econometric mind
Pinking your toes
Burning holes in your lungs
You might consider listening to some....

Sentences aloud make different senses out of this one
rearranging, adding, subtracting, with and without punctuation,
listening to the sickening sound of yourself reading,
and getting off on the sound of such lies,
the flow man, the flow, the flow as of stops
and starts gushes and ripples
out past the tongue and through some lips....
Outrageous! this late you realize the texture turns
Outrageous! the meaning round and round until it tastes
Outrageous! other than you've planned but perhaps
Outrageous! liking other 21 flavors and sundae's good intentions.

I bought a Latin grammar introduction,
And I'm going to begin reading it tomorrow,
If I can find the Time....