March 2, 2004

What was that?

Go ahead.
When I was a little bitty baby, my mamma would rock me
in the cradle, in them old cotton fields back home....
You're missing your chance.
[Smack] AAAAKKK!
Heh, haha, heh.
Work! Bwoy, work! Masta, masta....
Dis way, Bwanna....
Work harder! Work harder!
Chorus: Whoo, swing low sweet chariot...
[Smack] AAAAKKK!
Chorus: ...coming for....
[Smack] AAAAKKK!
Hey, this goes up.
Wait a minute.
Go that way, it's down.
Do you remember the name of that character....
It goes down pretty fast.
Bobo Bolinski.
Bobo Bolinski?
Keep walking! Keep walking! Go! Go! Go!
You up there, hurry up! Hurry it up! Hurry it up!
Noooo...the South isn't supposed to end.
Massa, Massa Walton went by here.
Why it's quittin' time!
Shutup. I'm foreman." I'll say if it's quittin time.

That was the only bad part of that movie.
I think that all the blacks that played the....
What movie was that?

Chorus: Gone With the Wind! Gone With the Wind!